Experienced players in online casinos have a lot of secrets, thanks to which they receive a stable win and can boast of really large sums. A variety of factors influence such a win – the choice of the game, the choice of the online casino in terms of payout, and, finally, the choice of the optimal strategy. In this article we will reveal the secrets of a profitable online roulette game – how to get good money from an online casino, playing roulette and not spending your own money.
Secrets of Roulette

Secrets of Online Roulette

Few of the novice players know that in fact, you can get not only pleasure from roulette, but also money without investing a penny of your own funds. The main secret of experienced players earning on roulette is the competent use of bonuses, starting capital, which provides online casinos. You need to choose such an institution where a no deposit bonus is provided for roulette. What is a no deposit bonus for roulette? This is a small amount of money that an online casino gives to a player gratuitously on two conditions. First, you can spend it only on bets in roulette, and secondly, in order to withdraw the winnings, you need to wager the bonus. To do this, you need to make bets on a certain amount, usually 30-50 times the bonus amount. However, if you adhere to the effective strategy of playing online roulette, to wager the bonus, you may not even need to invest your own funds – the amount of a no deposit bonus will be enough.

Payout and Betting Systems

Online casino for playing roulette should be chosen according to two parameters: first, by the amount of the provided no deposit bonus and, secondly, by the payout indicator. The higher payout in an online casino is, the more money spent on bets, which return to players in the form of winnings. To watch payout it is possible not only at the casino itself, but also in the games it provides. For example, the total payout in an online casino can be 98%, and for roulette it is 97.3%. Accordingly, although in theory it is advantageous to play in this casino, roulette in it is not the most lucrative entertainment.

And, finally, the main secret of every experienced in roulette is betting systems. Since roulette exists for more than a decade, the number of all possible systems and strategies for this game has long exceeded a few dozens. You can understand this variety indefinitely, but if you are a beginner player and you do not have time to find a universal system for winning roulette, you can use the classics-progressive strategies.

Progressive betting systems in roulette are based on a very simple principle – increasing the best in case of a loss. The most famous representative of this category is Martingale’s doubling betting system, which is familiar, probably, even to those who have never played roulette online. Let many experienced players criticize this system, in fact, it has one definite plus – namely, guaranteed profit. With whatever long bad luck you do not encounter, the final profit will always equal at least one initial bet, even if you lose for ten or more rounds in a row.